If you are already holding a valid Spain Schengen Visa, then your application for a new Visa to Portugal will not be accepted. However, you are allowed to travel within the Schengen zone but your longest should be in the country that you have applied visa for. You can apply for another schengen country’s visa after the expiration of your current Portugal visa.

The minimum Visa Application processing time for obtaining a Portugal visa is 2 weeks, but in some cases, it may take 3 weeks or more depending upon the evaluation done by the Embassy. For more information, you may request a call back or must feel free to reach us at 020 84324625

You can avail discount on the visa fee only when you are a married couple and also possess the certificate of proof. However, in your case you and your partner both have to pay the visa fee separately and no discount can be availed on the visa fee.

Yes, you may always apply for a multiple entry visa for Schengen countries that will allow you to travel to the country at multiple occasions within a specific time period. For most of the Schengen countries you may enter multiple times for business/work purposes in the designated time by the respective Embassy, and upon the expiration of the visa you can extend its limit from the Schengen country via a visa agent.

All the applicants apart from the minors under the age of 12 are required to enrol their biometric data while submitting Schengen Visa Application. For children below 12 years of age their documents can be submitted by any other person at the embassy.

No, you need to apply separately for each family member and even an infant.

Yes, you can apply for visa online without visiting the visa center/embassy but at the time of application submission you have to be present at the Embassy and present them with the application form in person. You might as well have to go to the embassy at the time of document verification.

If you are a resident in UK and planning to visit Portugal, then you need to check up on our website as you may find all the specific criteria in detail. If we still are not able to satisfy you with our data you are free to contact us at (contact no.). We will assist you with all the relevant details regarding your Visa requirements.

You need to apply online via our website. We will fix an appointment for you in the Embassy upon that’s confirmation you need to visit the Embassy’s Visa center in person for submitting your biometric data and application along with necessary documents. You may reach us via call or email to book an appointment with Embassy and can register it online as well.

Yes, you need to book an appointment to submit your application and documents. To book that appointment without any hassle you need to contact us. We will book an appointment in accordance with your travel schedule for you. Once your appointment is fixed we will update you and will help you to maintain a proper documentation at the time of appointment. For any other query you may feel free to reach us via call or email.

There is no limit of the funds that you should bear during your travel to Portugal as everyone has different preferences when it comes to staying or eating. However, one should have at least £50 designated as per day expenses for living in Portugal.

If you have obtained a Schengen Visa you are allowed to travel across all the 26 Schengen countries wherein your longest stay has to be in the country that you have obtained visa for.

No, one cannot obtain a visa for Portugal urgently as the minimum time duration that the embassy takes to process the visa application is decided as 2 weeks.

The crowd of Portugal is very sensible and calm as they don’t like talking too much in foreign language. But this doesn’t make it certain of them to be angry. The tourists must keep in mind though that while visiting any place not native to them they should be decent and must never make fun of or disrespect the religious values of the nation visited in any way.

Yes, you can study for the duration of the tourist, upon expiration of the duration mentioned in your visa you are allowed to renew your visa limit from Portugal as well with the help of a visa agent.



    Passport containing the UK residence permit/visa in, both valid for at least 3 months beyond your trip.

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    Please submit all of the following documents either in person or by secure post/courier at our office.

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    Please submit all of the following documents either in person or by secure post/courier at our office.

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