Applying for Portugal Schengen Visa UK

Applying for Portugal schengen Visa UK – Portugal Schengen Visa Requirements for UK Residents

Who needs a visa to head out to Portugal from the UK?

Any UK resident who holds either a full UK identification or a BOTC, BOC, BPP or BS identification can head out to Portugal and sans visa. Be that as it may, numerous non-EU nationals who dwell in the UK are as yet required to get a Schengen visa to go to Portugal.

Lately, following visa progression arrangements for non-EU nations, the quantity of nations whose nationals expect visas to go to Europe has somewhat dropped. Here is the rundown of nationalities that are as yet required to get a Schengen Visa to visit Portugal and other Schengen states.

Beneath you can discover more data on applying for a Portugal visa from the UK.

Who can apply for a Portugal visa from inside the UK?

Residents of these nations living in the UK and wanting to visit Portugal are required to get a Portuguese visa so as to have the option to enter Portugal. The principle necessity is that you should have a UK home license substantial for in any event another three additional months past the date you intend to leave Portugal/the Schengen Area.

Utilize the Schengen visa qualification checker instrument to see whether you fit the bill to apply for a visa to Portugal from the UK.

In the event that you have a multi month UK visa you can expand it for three additional months so as to be qualified to apply for a Portugal Schengen visa from inside the UK. You should apply for an expansion before your visa lapses and keeping in mind that you're still in the UK. Discover more on the best way to broaden your UK visa.

You ought to apply for a visa through the suitable Portuguese Embassy/Consulate/VAC in UK if:

  • • Portugal is the main Schengen nation you plan on visiting
  • • Portugal is your primary goal (the nation you will remain the longest in)
  • • Portugal is the first Schengen nation you are visiting, since you will spend equivalent measure of days in each Schengen nation you plan visiting

On the off chance that you plan on remaining in Portugal for over 90 days you should apply for a residency license, not a Portuguese Schengen visa.

It would be ideal if you note that in the event that you are not an occupant in the United Kingdom you ought to apply at the Portuguese Embassy/Consulate/VAC in your nation of living arrangement.



    Passport containing the UK residence permit/visa in, both valid for at least 3 months beyond your trip.

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    Please submit all of the following documents either in person or by secure post/courier at our office.

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    Please submit all of the following documents either in person or by secure post/courier at our office.

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