Visa Documentation should be adequate and correct so that you are able to obtain your Visa permit on time. Correct and adequate documentation help people avoid any potential delays or rejection in the approval Schengen Visa. Therefore, fill your Portugal Visa Application Form with due care and consideration, as errors may cause the application to be rendered invalid by the Embassy/Consulate. Visa Portugal helps their clients to complete all the necessary requirements and provides them latest and updated information regarding the Visa Documentation which is specified by the Embassy of Portugal. We assure expert guidance and consistent support when you choose to put your trust in Visa Portugal for Portugal Tourist Visa Requirements. We work in a time-bound manner and that too without any hassle or delays so that you enjoy but the not just the travel but the experience with us.

The Standard documentation required for a Portugal Schengen Visa Application is as follows:

  • Printed Visa Application Form (Should be in Original)
  • Visa applicant must submit an Original, Valid and Signed passport that must have been issued to the applicant in less than 10 years ago. The passport must have at least 2 blank pages for the Visa purpose. The passport must be valid for a period of at least 90 days beyond the date of return from Schengen Area. Also, applicant should take due care in producing the copies of any previous Schengen Visas that are endorsed in an old passport (issued in last 3 years).
  • UK Residence Permit (The residence permit should be either stamped in the passport or can be in the form of biometric Card) should be presented (Original as well as the copy). The UK Residence permit should exceed the validity of the requested Portugal Visa by the applicant by 90 days.
  • A recent, colored Passport size photograph (4.5 cm X 3.5 cm) taken on a light (white or off-white) background should be glued by the applicant on the Application Form. The photograph should be latest and not more than 6 months old. It should display all the facial characteristics of the person applying the Visa including the complete face (non-smiling). Make sure that photograph is not damaged in any form.

The Supporting documentation required for a Portugal Schengen Visa Application is as follows:

  • Proof of Current Occupation
  • Employer Letter (In Original) – A recent employer letter that is less than 1 month old, should be submitted by the applicant while making an application. It should be signed. The letter to be submitted should be headed and addressed to the Mission. It should specify the name and position of the signee and confirm the applicant’s employment. Or Pay slips for 3 months.
  • Student Letter (In Original) – The student making a Portugal visa Application must submit a recent, signed student letter that is less than 1 month old. The letter must be obtained from school/college/university in UK and should be addressed to the Mission, specifying the name and position of the signee thereby confirming the enrolment of the said applicant.
  • Portugal Schengen Visa applicant should submit a recent, signed self-employment letter that is less than 1 month old. The letter should be addressed to the Mission and should specify the name and position of the signee, confirming the self-employment of the applicant and obtained from (if applicable) :
  • Applicant’s Accountant:This letter should be obtained when the Portuguese Visa Applicant’s Company’s Accountancy is undertaken by an external/independent accountant.
  • Solicitor: This letter should be obtained when the company of the applicant has been registered by a solicitor
  • Bank Manager: The applicant in this case should produce the Certificate of Incorporation that was received upon the registration of his/her business. If the name of applicant is not mentioned on the said certificate, then an additional proof must be submitted by him/her that indicates or demonstrates the connection between them i.e. the company and the applicant.
  • Companies House: This letter should be obtained when the company of the applicant has been registered by a solicitor
  • Receiving Benefits:The retired applicant should obtain a recent, original letter from local Job Centre or Pension Service while making an application for Portugal Visa.
  • Not Receiving Benefits: A cover letter must be submitted by the applicant, while making an application for Portugal Visa that explains his/her financial situation.

Sponsored (Housewife/man- Only applicable to married couples): The Portugal Visa applicant may be sponsored by either his/her spouse or the registered partner. Following documents must be submitted in addition by the person who is being sponsored:

  • Marriage Certificate (In Original and copy) - If Marriage Certificate was issued outside EU and is not in Portuguese or English language, then it should be translated in the said languages by a certified translator in UK.
  • Spouse/Registered Partner’s Passport (Original + Copy)
  • Proof of Occupation for Spouse/Registered Partner
  • Proof of Funds of Spouse/Registered Partner
  • Signed and Dated Cover Letter should be submitted by the applicant in order to confirm the sponsorship by Spouse/ Registered Partner.
  • Proof of Funds of Spouse/Registered Partner
  • Minors: Minors should provide the following additional documents as provided below

  • Child’s unabridged/full birth certificate. The Birth Certificate should state the names of both the biological parents.
  • A signed and dated consent from both the parents whose names are mentioned on the Child’s Birth Certificate.
  • A Copy of both the parents’ Bio and Signature Page of Passport, in case if signature is not on the bio page of the passport should be submitted.
  • In case the parents of the minor applicant are divorced or one of the parents has deceased, then the court order that confirms the applicant’s sole custody to one parent or deceased parent’s death certificate should be produced respectively.
  • In case the parents of the minor applicant have appointed a guardian for the him/her, then a guardianship letter along with Guardian’s Bio Page and Signature Page (In case if the signature is not on the bio page) should be submitted while making the Visa application.
  • Applicant should submit 3 months UK Bank Statements. The Bank Statements should state the applicant’s name, address, and an end balance dated within the last month on the submission date of Schengen Visa Application. In order to sustain the stay in Schengen Zone, minimum balance should be £ 50.00/day of stay in the Schengen Area plus outstanding accommodation and travel fees (Online bank printouts are also accepted while making an application).
  • Travelers’ cheques covering the amount as explained in point a) above should be submitted by the applicant.
  • Proof of Travel (Airplane, train, boat, coach, car(hired by the applicant))
  • Confirmed Return Travel Tickets: Portuguese Visa Applicant should submit the return travel tickets that mentions his/her name and travel to/from the Schengen Zone as a proof of travel during the mentioned dates.
  • Travel by Car: Applicant should submit the car registration, car insurance, return travel tickets (ferry or Eurotunnel) mentioning the car’s registration number and driver’s driving license if the travel is via car.
  • If the Schengen Visa applicant is not the driver of the car that is being used for the travel to Schengen Area, then a signed and dated cover letter should be obtained from the driver of the car and submitted while making the application. The said letter should confirm the joint travel of the driver with the applicant and travel dates as well.

    In cases where travel tickets of the applicant have been paid through the travel agency, then then, he/she should also submit a receipt, an invoice or a payment confirmation as a proof.


The Portuguese Visa applicant should provide the confirmed accommodation reservations (hotel, hostel, camping etc.) for his/her stay in Portugal or any other Schengen country. The reservation should mention details such as applicant’s name, dates of travel and accommodation address.

If the accommodation reservation does not bear the name of the applicant, then a signed and dated joint travel confirmation letter should be provided by the person whose name is provided to make the reservations. The copy of the said person’s passport/ID Card and passport signature page (If signature is not on passport’s bio page) should also be submitted.

If the entire group that is visiting the Schengen area books the accommodation, then a list should be submitted by them stating all the names of the group members. Alternatively, their names may be mentioned on the travel ticket.

Travel Insurance (all risk medical travel insurance) document should clearly state the name of the person making an application for Portugal Visa. It must cover Portugal and all the other countries of the Schengen Zone along with the entire duration of stay there. It should provide for all the emergency expenses and the repatriation including the death clause. The minimum travel insurance cover should be of EUR 30,000.



    Passport containing the UK residence permit/visa in, both valid for at least 3 months beyond your trip.

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    Please submit all of the following documents either in person or by secure post/courier at our office.

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    Please submit all of the following documents either in person or by secure post/courier at our office.

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